The goal of BTV-Externinator is to perfom recordings using capture devices not currently supported by Beyond TV (i.e. Firewire, DVB, unencrypted QAM, HDHomeRun, etc.). This add-on acts as a bridge between BTV's powerfull schedulling and an external application, which knows how to perform recordings with that unsupported capture device (i.e. VLC, ProgDVB, FusionHDTV, HDHRcorder, etc.)

It is safe to extract it in the same folder as BTV-Negociator (the .dll are the same). This is the External recording part has been removed from BTV-Negociator > 3.50. You will need Framework .NET 2.0.


The current version (1.01) can be downloaded here (the last version {.48 alpha} performing HDHomeRun recordings through VLC can be found here as well as an intermediate stable version .75 beta - 2).


The application does not come with an installer, so just unzip the file in the appropriate folder and run BTV-Externinator.exe from there or through a shortcut. If the BTV-Server is not located at http://localhost:8129 (how do you access the web admin from this machine?) with a blank password, BTV-Negociator will go to the Configuration tab, sub-tab Parameters so you can input the appropriate values (remember to save...). The BTV license information is automatically obtained from the appropriate registry key (version 3.5+ of BTV registered, BTV-Link registered, unregistered, on a BTV 4 server no license is required).

More informations and some pictures can be found in the Instructions section or by consulting this forum thread.


This application is freeware but I do accept donations.