Recording jobs

First, the Upcoming tab shows all the Upcoming recordings and can be filtered by Source (i.e. Tuner/Capture card).

Upcoming recordings

Right-clicking an item (multiple selections works too) on this list (or any other list) will bring up an appropriate context menu. Here is a short description of the choices:

The next screen is for all the current Recording jobs.

Recording jobs

As you can see from the context menu, it is possible to delete the job, change the recording frequency or priority. You can also program a Mass recording, where jobs for all the episodes on any channels will be created at the lowest priority (obsolete with BTV 4.3+). When using "Record on any channel", the "preferred" channel will appear between parenthesis ().

And finally the Recent tab shows the Recent recordings (by default 30 days but should be increased or made illimited).

Recent recordings

Removing a Recent recording is a good way to have BTV automatically reschedul a recording, when using "Record all episodes". If something went wrong with a recording, it might be a good candidate for the Episode search + Auto recording of search results...