Searches can be added from most list or through the input text box. Results from the searches are presented in a TreeView and can be used to create a Recording job. Using the Expert mode, it is possible to automatically schedul recording jobs based on the results of the various searches.

About tab

The first screen simply shows how to contact the author and the current version number.


Search by Title

You can search for Series/Movies with a Title matching your search term. This will not return the individual episodes/showings.

Search by title

Search by Episode

If you have missed a specific Episode of a Series and know its name, this is the best way to find it the next time it will be shown.

Search by episode

To search by Episode, the Series must first be added from another list (to catch the series' ID), then a new episode can be added using the format Series: episode (i.e. Lexx: The Giga Shadow), specific episodes can also be added from the other lists.

Search by Keyword

Searches by Keyword are very hard drive intensive, as they go through the whole database (especially the first time after a reboot or Guide update). Since the Keyword is searched through all the fields, you might want to use the Advanced search instead.

Search by keyword

Advanced search

Advanced search

The Avdanced search is simply a Search by Keyword with some extra filtering, so it is possible to miss some results if the initial search (before the filtering) returns too many results. As an example, here we are looking for the word "Pilot" in the Episode title of a TV show made in 2006, after having ignored many results... You can also filter for only the first run episodes (i.e. within one week of the First aired date).

Channel search

Channel search

The Channel search allows to search a single channel for all the movies/events/shows matching a certain set of criteria. As an example, here we are looking for the First episode of any First run Series on Channel 3, that search has been labeled "Primeures - 3". It is possible to limit the number of days to search and to use more type of filters (Rating, Genre, etc.).