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External tuner

Ever wanted to record with a capture device unsupported by Beyond TV, like Firewire, DVB, QAM, etc.? Well, here is your chance! BTV-Negociator can act as a bridge between BTV's schedulling power, and a less convivial application which does know how to record from that capture device (i.e. VLC, ProgDVB, DVBViewer, DVICO's recording software, etc.).

The general idea is for BTV-Negociator to monitor all the upcoming recordings on a specific capture device (see the virtual capture device on the Expert tab, Source sub-tab) and to perform those recordings with an external application.

You will need to enable the External recording on the Parameters sub-tab and should also consider making use of the Auto-launch feature.

The development of those External recordings is still active, so you should take a look at the latest alpha or beta release, toward the end of this SnapStream forums' thread.